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Commitment to Quality

Our plant complies with HACCP international food hygiene standards. By maintaining faith and our mission,we have achieved compliance with strict global standards.

The hygienic standards required for plants producing food products, being something that we put directly into our mouths, are becoming increasingly stringent on a global level. HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) has become an international standard that serves as guidelines for food products. These hygienic control methods were developed by NASA in the U.S. which was for safety space food. All of the food products currently produced by our facility which is based on HACCP hygienic standards. Not only do we maintain a high level of cleanliness at our plant but our employees are constantly maintaining and improving their already high level of awareness regarding hygiene as we fulfill our duty and role as a food product manufacturer. In constantly aiming for Osaki standards to match global hygienic standards, we continue to sharply focuse on maintaining a production system about which people all over the world can feel safe and secure.

Clean plant interior maintained in accordance with adoption of HACCP.

Taking on the Challenge to achieve HACCP

When the EU banned the import of marine food products from Japan in 1995, we faced this crucial turning point head on by taking the bold initiative in adopting HACCP. Being a measure without precedent in Japan and since there was very little knowledge about it, we had to study about HACCP through what is currently the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and at public health centers before introducing such methods into our production site. There were only six companies in Japan, including Osaki, that voiced the desire to receive the first inspection by EU inspectors. Although Osaki was the first company to be inspected, we were able to pass the strict evaluation performed by three inspectors who thoroughly checked all aspects and areas of our operations. Two years later the adoption of HACCP was required for exports to the US but, needless to say, our previous preparation enabled us to rapidly pass the inspection with a "Very Good" rating.

HACCP: Maintaining and Evolving

Our efforts in regards to HACCP do not end at passing the inspection.
We place great importance on maintaining a production system that satisfies the standards. We have assigned the HACCP exclusive staffs, created the control manuals, and maintained the detailed records such as water quality inspections, delivery reception conditions, and bacteriological examinations of ingredients and products to ensure that there are no omissions in the results.
Additionally, we focus on maintaining a hygienic environment by performing everything from inspecting electronic equipment to check the boots, rack, and dry cleaning work clothing.
We analyze the recorded date periodically in order to ensure that we can strive to further deepen and strengthen for HACCP.

Why we continue making our products in Hiroshima, Japan.

Our head office and plant are located in the same area, Kusatsu, Hiroshima. Our important policy is that we manufacture products only at our own head office plant even though we export our products to other countries. We believe that having a production system within eyeshot is indispensable in maintaining product quality. As the plant is within our company grounds, we can maintain rigorous and detailed hygienic control. There is also the benefit of being able to smoothly test and prototype any new product plan or idea that is created in our offices, and rapidly moves it into mass production. The idea of production in overseas would make product strength but we believe that it does not fit in with the rule formulated at Osaki that “Product Quality=Product Strength”. Our plant will continue to maintain the trust and meet the expectations of our customers as the global brand factory.

We steadfastly maintain world-class quality through our own Hiroshima Plant. Closely studying ingred  intsfrom across the world, created in Japan,we insist on providing delicious tasteand peace of mind. Ingredients Blessed with Rich Natural Flavor

Convincing Quality Ingredients from Across the World

A stable production to produce world-class quality products is the proof of enterprise power.
We carefully study high-quality ingredients from all over the world that are subject to strict resource management, such as Alaskan Pollack, for use as the raw materials of our products. We are also extremely particular about fresh "at-sea mince" processed onboard the ship where they are caught. At Osaki, we place the greatest importance on creating products that, above all, satisfy the five senses of the persons actually savoring our products. We have combined leading-edge technology and control in pursuit of satisfying the human senses and providing delicious flavor, while using only the best ingredients to maintain the brand quality to which we have always aspired.

We adjust each product many times
to reach the right smoothness,
suppleness and delicacy to match
the manner in which it is eaten.


With visual appeal and coloring that
whets your appetite. Communicating
flavor and splendor are also important
elements of color.


We features many products that
combine the deliciousness of various
ingredients to create a wholly new
taste. We early started using
ingredients such as cheese
and bacon well.